Apollon Hotel in Methana it's a family business and our priority is to keep satisfied the client. A receptionist is there all day long to give you details and directions for every facility of Methana. Apollon Hotel contains 17 studio rooms where you can enjoy the incredible view of the Saronic Gulf by your own balcony. Furthermore, Apollon typified by simplicity and relaxation accompanied by warm and elegant hospitality. Also, a beautiful and clean beach takes place along our hotel where you can lie down on the free sun beds and delight your swimming. Moreover, you are able to taste a huge variety of drinks, coffees and pastry from the Snack Bar of the hotel.


Our Services are going to make your visit really special and get you relax!

Snack Bar

You can taste a huge variety of pastry, fruitsalad, juices, ice-creams and drinks.

Sea View

Sea View is available from every room of the hotel and you can enjoy it by the big balcony.

Greek Breakfast

Our Traditional Breakfast includes greek feta cheese, different types of bread, eggs and other local dishes.

Our Beach

Our beach owns many sunbeds where you can lay for free and taste every drink and pastry of the Snack Bar.


Akti Saronikou 14, Methana
(+30)22980 93082